MBD is a company committed to helping organisations increase the performance of individuals and teams at every level, improving productivity, ultimately leading to profitability.
MBD is uniquely positioned to deliver development solutions, driving results, through investment in people.
To serve humanity and empower people to improve their lives at every level: mental, emotional, and spiritual. To control the human ego, reduce conflict and develop trust thereby impacting people’s lives in a positive way.
The ability to be in the present moment, neither in the past nor the future. Experiencing the moment at every level, mental physical, emotional and spiritual
Effectively navigate the culture of ‘self’ and others within organisations so that ‘win-win’ solutions can prosper
Emotional Intelligence is effectively blending thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions

People, productivity, profitability

MBD provides cultural awareness training that helps individuals compete in a globally complex environment by improving performance, controlling the ego, motivating and engaging excellence, ultimately driving forward results.

We achieve this providing a range of products and services that equip businesses to operate effectively, efficiently and profitably. MBD provides a range of products, innovative consultancy services, training, assessment tools and coaching to a diverse range of companies in Dubai and the UAE

We specialise in providing courses tailored to the needs of individual organizations and deliver unique development solutions that drive results through investment in an organisation’s most valued assets – its people.

MBD’s approach is to build long-standing relationships with the aim of being the preferred partner of choice when there is a need to increase performance, motivation, productivity and profit.

MBD’s highly effective approach to program delivery has been established through many years of corporate experience in the region – GCC, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Through a series of targeted workshops, multimedia, presentations, focused case studies, and integrated audience participation, MBD will take you on a journey, which will lead your organisation and its employees to greater motivation, productivity and new ways of thinking, developing the skills required to survive, operate and thrive in an ever-complex global business environment.


  • One of the most memorable aspects of the day is when a group of employees came to the stage and shared what made them happy in general, not just in the work place. Truly you had to be there to feel it

    Enoc Shared Services Town Hall Event
  • Very impactful and enjoyable session, the audience was fully engaged and it was interesting to find out what makes me happy is shared by others

    Rachael Handley (Manager-Talent Development; Group Human Resources)
  • I wish it were a 2 day course, it was fascinating. I have spoken about it to every client I have met since then

    Gabrielle Kane (Manager- The Accounts Dept.)
  • As a training and development professional myself I would not only recommend Amal but would actively encourage anyone reading this to just ask her when she’s available to deliver. In such a diverse working environment as the GCC, her sessions are that powerful!

    Russell Overy (Director-Six Delta Solutions)




MBD’s Core values are Integrity, Ethical Behaviour, Non-Judgment and Trust. With the belief of “Accessing Excellence,” MBD ensures everyone can be successful in any chosen field by engendering a philosophy of success.



We are complimented by a talented team of consultants who work in partnership with our clients to understand their business needs and individual challenges.



Our services focus on people, productivity and ultimately profitability. We assess the Vital Signs of organisational performance and provide solutions for our clients’ most important issues.