In the past, stress in the workplace has either been ignored or no-one knew how to deal with it. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Organisations working with MBD’s mindfulness corporate programmes have already recognized the benefits with over 80% of all executives who completed the programme rating it as ‘Excellent’ in a recent survey.

Businesses are finally realizing that addressing their staff’s wellbeing and investment in people will not only make them happier but give them greater job satisfaction, increase productivity, creativity, and ultimately boost the organisation’s bottom line.

Mindfulness is enables us to become present. It takes us out of autopilot and makes us better at responding, rather than reacting.

It is not a method of distracting ourselves or tuning out, it is about tuning in – hence people perform better when mindful.  The anxious, stressed or depressed state of mind is the distracted state, hence the negative impact upon performance

Studies show that mindfulness can lead to increased productivity, greater satisfaction at work and enhanced problem-solving abilities. Since introducing mindfulness for its staff companies including UAE examples such as ENOC and multinationals such as BP, eBay and Goldman Sachs now have significant gains.

There are countless ways that businesses can encourage their employees to be more mindful, and it isn’t time-consuming.

Just as the benefits of exercise were recognized more than 50 years ago and changed how we look after our bodies, taking a few minutes time out of a busy schedule, having a break and calming the mind actually increases productivity and gains in business.

MBD is confident our mindfulness programme will change the way businesses and employees approach workplace decision making and stress which can only lead to greater success for everyone can’t it?

Our first 3 top tips for Mindful Leaders are:

1)    Mindful Leadership means leading naturally , and unselfishly
2)    What we try to control, controls u
3)    Great leadership begins with our ability to lead ourselves to who we, and ultimately others are, and to where we, and ultimately others are ultimately going.


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