Be mindful about Brexit

As someone who’s been an outsider to the UK for the last few years, looking in to developments via the online press and my annual Summer visits away from the heat, to the cloud and rain of the Lake District, I have observed the amount of time spent, heated debates and raised passions about this divisive subject. […]

Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace

Have you ever worked with someone who regularly became angry in meetings, sparking disagreements and tension? Or maybe you had a colleague mood swings that affected the whole office? On the other hand, is there someone in the office who always knew the right thing to say to make you feel better? Or a senior […]

Catalyst for a Change

I discovered recently that it’s been 2 months since a friend of mine embarked on a quest to find a new job.  If you have ever been in the same position as she has, of having a contract terminated unexpectedly you will perhaps recognise that the multitude of emotions experienced can ‘hijack’ the mind and […]

Stressful to Mindful

My daughter was talking to me this morning saying that she ‘zones out’ when she is concentrating on something. This is common when engaged in a task.  What makes us amazing as human beings is the power of our minds, unfortunately for us, unless controlled, our ego, is always distracting us from being present in […]

Mindful Productivity for the Office

Mindful Productivity for the Office When I’ve presented mindfulness programmes in the corporate world, one of the challenges people have, is that when attempting to focus on important tasks their thoughts seem to drift. Our mind can only be in one place at a time. That should be the ‘now’. Our ego draws us, from […]

Emotional Intelligence in Business

What is Emotional Intelligence? How does EQ help in business? How do you know people trust you? Chances are it’s not something that comes up in regular conversation. Yet trust in a business leader is recognised as THE top benchmarks of a leader’s power and influence. It is recognised that leaders in organisations need Emotional […]


In the past, stress in the workplace has either been ignored or no-one knew how to deal with it. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Organisations working with MBD’s mindfulness corporate programmes have already recognized the benefits with over 80% of all executives who completed the programme rating it as ‘Excellent’ in a recent [...]

»Growing« Business with Hannah Brooks

From Playhouses to bespoke Custom Designed Interiors “Growing” Business with Hannah Brooks MBD’s exclusive interview From small beginnings with an adorable range of traditional playhouses, Tom and Hannah Brooks have grown their Cherwell brand into one of the most sought after, bespoke furniture and interior fit out companies in Dubai. [...]

Be Happy, Do Happy, Get Happy

Amal was delighted to receive an award recently, for a Keynote address entitled ‘Being in the Moment – Happiness begins with the Inner Self’ which was presented at the ‘Be Happy, Do Happy, Get Happy’ event. This was held at the Annual Town Hall Meeting for Employees of ENOC held on 25th January in the […]