Emotional Intelligence in Business

What is Emotional Intelligence? How does EQ help in business?

How do you know people trust you? Chances are it’s not something that comes up in regular conversation. Yet trust in a business leader is recognised as THE top benchmarks of a leader’s power and influence.

It is recognised that leaders in organisations need Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as well as IQ in order to be successful in today’s fast paced business environment. Just as Respect and Trust go together, leaders with skills in EQ are more successful.


Everyone has some Emotional Intelligence – Start with these three steps:


1.  Tune in.  Become more aware, (notice what you do) Notice your feelings and reactions. Get off autopilot.  We call this step Know Yourself

2. Respond.  Instead of reacting, give yourself a moment to de-escalate and evaluate options. Be more intentional (doing what you mean) This is called Choose Yourself

3. Connect.  Remember what’s truly important to you. This is Give Yourself


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