Mindful Productivity for the Office

Mindful Productivity for the Office

When I’ve presented mindfulness programmes in the corporate world, one of the challenges people have, is that when attempting to focus on important tasks their thoughts seem to drift.

Our mind can only be in one place at a time. That should be the ‘now’.

Our ego draws us, from the now, to the future and to the past.  If the boss walks past you could be reminded of a less than positive discussion you had yesterday; a disagreement. The mind goes back to the past and you begin to think “I should have said this, Why didn’t I say that?

You become agitated, distracting you from being in the moment. How many minutes have you now wasted on the important task in which you are supposed to be engaged?


The mind constantly oscillates from the past, to worries about the future, and then off the ego goes, distracting you from being in the moment.

So, the sole purpose of the ego is to pull you away from the now; the only thing that really exists; the past is gone, and the future doesn’t exist yet.


One tip is to start observing your thoughts.  Does your mind go to the past or is it going to the future? Take a post it note and write these thoughts down, because when you learn to control the mind rather than it controlling you, then you can direct it where you want instead of towards unhappiness, because of the fear, uncertainty and doubt of the future or the regrets and ‘what ifs’ of the past.

A simple way to bring your attention back into the now, is to take a deep breath; stop what you are doing. Just simply take a breath, hold it, and then release.  If you keep doing this for just a minute, you will find that the body starts to relax and you’ll let go of any tension that you are carrying and you will easily refocus.

Imagine that by bringing yourself back into the moment, you can begin to increase your performance; your productivity. Bring the body back into the present; bring your mind, your physical, mental emotional self into the moment and fully focus on the now.

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