Stressful to Mindful

My daughter was talking to me this morning saying that she ‘zones out’ when she is concentrating on something. This is common when engaged in a task.  What makes us amazing as human beings is the power of our minds, unfortunately for us, unless controlled, our ego, is always distracting us from being present in the now.


Think of it this way, people go to the dentist, anticipating, “There’s going to be pain. I’m going to have an injection; maybe they’ll take a tooth out.” Off the mind goes; into the future for something that actually hasn’t happened at this moment in time. Then the mind says ‘this situation is stressful.’ Adrenalin pumps, the heart rate rises and stress is created in the body.  None of this is productive, and is taking your mind away from focusing on the  ‘now’.


A brilliant thing to observe when truly in the now, is how you listen to people. You can hear, however, listening is a skill. When you are listening to someone, observe your thoughts. Are you really listening to them or is your mind going off already making assumptions about what you’re going to say or what they’re going to say? Has your mind gone off to a later event?


Have you ever observed your thoughts while you’re eating? Whether it’s a bowl of rice or a bar of chocolate, where is your mind? Is it thinking about something else? If you are at work, are you watching the day go by out of the window?  Why not actually focus on the sensations of mastication, of the saliva in your mouth, of the body being nourished with something wholesome or is it a little naughty.


This way, you can bring the body back into the present moment instead of being in the past, or thinking about the future, which can create unproductive stress or anxiety.

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