In today’s corporate world, the measurable, learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) make a significant impact on organizational performance.

The skills of EQ may be essential in differentiating world-class organisations in an increasingly complex, competitive market.

What does it mean

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to utilize emotions effectively. In business, or in personal relationships (EQ) is fast becoming an essential key to success.

To be emotionally intelligent we need to effectively blend our thinking and feeling to make wise decisions .

Key Benefits

The measurable, learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) make a significant impact on organizational performance. Individuals utilizing EQ have more effective relationships leading to improved performance. The business benefits come from this chain.

EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. Employees who utilize EQ are more effective than when relying on skill, knowledge or expertise alone.

At executive level, 80-90% of the factors that distinguish top leaders are EQ-related. Business leaders have reported a 23% increase in market share directly following an EQ course.

In some studies, emotional Intelligence (EQ) predicts over 50% increase of individual performance. How much is that worth in your organization?

Where can I use it

Here are just some of the areas in which you may benefit from an Emotional Intelligence Workshop:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Superior Leadership Performance
  • Management Development
  • Decision making
  • Focus on the most important EQ competencies for company or individual performance

What are the advantages

The advantages go beyond the training itself. MBD’s EQ training will enable you to:

  • Learn about your key strengths
  • Discover what drives your performance
  • Identify frequently occurring reactions
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of your choices
  • Take a proactive perspective
  • Transform your emotions as a strategic resource to move forward and achieve greater balance

Program Design

A typical program consists of 3 specific areas from the Six Seconds Model of EQ

  • Know Yourself
  • Choose yourself
  • Give yourself

Underneath these three areas are 8 specific measurable competencies.

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment is included in the programme and is essential for anyone who wants to have positive change in their lives – starting with themselves, to navigate their emotions, engage personal motivation to achieve their goals.

Our team at MBD, are certified EQ practitioners.