Inter- Cultural Intelligence is the ability to have an honest look at your own culture, accurately map and effectively navigate the self-culture of others and your host culture, and use this information to create a common ground where teams, and ‘win-win’ solutions can prosper.

What does it mean

For any organisation to be effective and efficient in a global setting, their workforce needs to have an understanding of Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) .

Many organisations operating in the UAE have a very dynamic, culturally diverse range of staff and as such, are already working in an intercultural environment on every day. The ability to communicate successfully with internal and external individuals requires Inter-Cultural Intelligence. ICI is an excellent tool to eliminate miscommunication rooted in cultural differences and to start building an appreciation of cultures other than one’s own.

Key Benefits

Increasing the Intercultural Intelligence of your organization is the foundation of building a corporate culture which utilises the strengths of all its members, is built on trust , has clear communication and accurate understanding of each other at its core.

ICI will improve the internal dynamics as people come to understand and appreciate the cultural diversity within the organization. This creates team sustainability and assists in the overall focus on the task.

Where can I use it

MBD’s ICI Workshop will:

  • Enable people to identify and understand the cultural diversity within the organisation.
  • Help with the attraction and retention of multinational staff.
  • Give the ability to reconcile cultural differences and use these differences to strengthen the team
  • Help newcomers to a country or organization to better understand their own personal culture and understand the dimensions of their host culture
  • Lead to quicker integration for newcomers and less cultural stress


The workshop has a holistic approach to people development. We have applied international best practice and research into ICI. We utilize recognized and accredited assessments and personally address your organisation’s desired learning and development outcomes.

Program Design

The MBD ICI Development Workshop blends theory and practice through assessments and case-studies. It is structured to fit your organizational needs.

The Workshop includes the ‘Three Colours of World View’ discovery tool and will also include the ‘Cultural Mapping Inventory’ which is completed online prior to the workshop. These tools give participants an honest impression of their personal culture, and cultural preferences.

As ICI certified trainers, information courtesy of Knowledgeworkx