»Growing« Business with Hannah Brooks

From Playhouses to bespoke Custom Designed Interiors
“Growing” Business with Hannah Brooks
MBD’s exclusive interview
From small beginnings with an adorable range of traditional playhouses, Tom and Hannah Brooks have grown their Cherwell brand into one of the most sought after, bespoke furniture and interior fit out companies in Dubai.

If you’ve ever searched for furniture from one of the myriad of stores in Dubai or had your apartment or villa refitted, you may have noticed the quality and finish of many ‘off the peg’ designs leaves a lot to be desired. Hannah and Tom Brooks’ Cherwell brand has the solution.

Making Cherwell stand out from the crowd of competitors is that each design is individually customised. The customer benefits by a uniquely hand crafted design matching their exacting standards.

It all began in 2014 with a small company producing quaint children’s playhouses. Hannah has a passion for design, and told MBD that growing up around the family business where her mother and father both had a design background, inspired her passion to move from a business background and create Cherwell.

The enterprising company then evolved by devising full fit-out and interiors for the residences of discerning clients; Cherwell also produces commercial play-centre projects for shopping malls, schools and nurseries alongside its cute traditional playhouses.

It all comes down to what this company believes in in the first place: producing quality, in an environmentally sustainable way with excellent client communication and the core values of investing in its workforce and loyal customers. These are Cherwell’s keys to success.

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