Amal LoringCompany Founder

Amal Loring is the founder of MBD , a company committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of Individuals within organizations at every level.  MBD was established in the UAE in 1999. Since then,  Amal has worked with a great many companies and coached many hundreds of executives.

Amal assists organizations to increase performance.  By providing consultancy services, training and assessment tools through a range of workshops and presentations, tailor made for each organization Amal helps employees improve productivity and ultimately leading to profitability.

Amal’s three areas of focus are : Culture, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.  Amal is qualified in several key competencies. She a certified EQ practitioner, SEI assessor and Inter-cultural Intelligence (ICI) consultant and coach. This framework of tools and methodologies is recognized worldwide and focuses individuals on the ways in which people understand each other’s working styles.

Amal will look at the unique dynamics of the different personality styles in your organisation. Amal will work directly with you, within your organisation to deliver her knowledge of the region and identify how your teams can develop successfully turning cultural conflicts into business assets.

Amal has developed extensive knowledge of Arab Culture and with a specialism in the UAE culture. Amal is an expert in understanding the relationship building process among people and uses Inter-Cultural Intelligence as a unique entry point to underpin her work in strategic consulting, change management, leadership development and coaching.

Originally from the UK, Amal worked in Senior Sales Management positions within the IT industry. Her experience included selling Artificial Intelligence and Experts Systems in the Defense sector, to selling complex Enterprise Systems for Oracle UK. Amal was responsible for selling the largest IT solution in the history of the company.

Capitalizing on this success Amal developed the skills to assist others to become successful and embarked upon a Counseling and Coaching career, using modalities including Emotional Intelligence, Vital Signs, SEI,  Mindfulness Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

Amal has coached, many hundred of individuals, teams and groups. Her approach has always to engender a philosophy of success, the need to recognize and use the innate wisdom within.

Her own approach is to build long term relationships, “ I want everyone to be successful in their chosen field and to be the very best they can” is Amal’s edict”